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Aviation for Girls is a special annual member publication of Women in Aviation International for Girls in Aviation Day. Articles feature young girls living their aviation dreams, career ideas, and education resources.

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A helicopter is a type of aircraft that uses rotating, or spinning, wings called blades to fly. Unlike an airplane or glider a helicopter has wings that move. Unlike a balloon, a helicopter is heavier than air and uses an engine to fly. A helicopter's rotating blades, or a rotor, allow it to do what an airplane cannot. WHAT IS A HELICOPTER? H arriet Quimby was born in Michigan in 1875, and lived on a farm with her family. By the early 1900s, Harriet moved to San Francisco, California. Here she developed a love for the stage, longing to be an actress. Instead, her curious quest for news and intelligent writing style funneled her toward a career in journalism. Leslie's Illustrated Weekly employed her as a photojournalist. Fascinated by the challenge of flying an airplane, Harriet took flying lessons during 1911, and became the first woman to get a pilot's license in the United States. In the spring of 1912, while continuing her journalism career, she maneuvered her 50 horsepower monoplane across the English Channel, becoming the first woman to do so. Harriet performed many stunt flights in airshows. Crossword Clues: ACROSS 1. The birthplace of Harriet Quimby. 2. Harriet was fascinated by the challenge of flying an _______. 3. She was the first woman pilot to cross this body of ocean water. 4. Harriet performed stunt flights in _______. 5. Harriet flew a 50 horsepower ______. DOWN A. Harriet's first love was to become an _______. B. In the early 1900's she moved to this city. C. Harriet was the first woman to get a pilot's _______ in the United States. Harriet Quimby CROSSWORD PUZZLE A B C 1 2 3 4 5 SPONSORED BY TAIL ROTOR LANDING SKIDS PASSENGER SEATING CO CKPIT MAIN ROTOR ENGINE BLADE 2 0 17

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