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Aviation for Girls is a special annual member publication of Women in Aviation International for Girls in Aviation Day. Articles feature young girls living their aviation dreams, career ideas, and education resources.

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I t all started on July 7, 2015, when our family moved from Switzerland and set foot into the country where any dream is possible. We know this sounds very cheesy and over the top, but it's true. In Cali- fornia, we can play golf all year round without hav- ing to hit a shot out of the snow or layer so many clothes that we can't lift our arms to swing. Also, we encountered aviation for the first time, since our school is next to Palomar Airport. We visited the airport and asked lots of ques- tions realizing we could be pilots, too. It happened quickly—one day we were firmly fastened to the fairway, and the next we were on cloud nine, literal- ly and figuratively. We started our training in February 2017 and learned about engine failures and stalls. We also experienced ball flight! While golf and flying don't appear to have much in common, they do! Both are a little frustrating as you learn certain skills. Also, both require concentration and focused thinking. And, in golf and flying, wind can be very challenging. It is quite astounding how fast your brain can adapt to something. At first you tell yourself that it is going to be impossible and that you'll never make it, but eventually with time and practice you will. The first time we heard someone from ATC speak, we were shocked. Why do they speak so fast, and how do others understand them? Especially for my parents for whom English is their third language, we were surprised at how they understood when they were to hold short or taxi onto the runway. At first, we had to listen to ATIS three times before we got all the information, but now we can proudly get all the information down in one go! (Of course practice was key.) We would listen to the ground frequency while in the car to get used to this almost new language and with time it paid off. Life can have some turbulence, so it is crucial we do the things we love. Through golf and aviation, our family has found a new lifestyle that we all enjoy. You have to constantly fix your plan to get the best result and stay in control—exactly like life. This is why these two activities are crucial in set- ting us up for success in the world around us. Twin sisters Maylane & Laurane Gerber, WAI 74551 and 74552, enjoy playing golf and learning to fly in California. Follow them at @FlyingTwinsWhoGolf YOUR CORNER COMBINING SPORTS AND AVIATION by Maylane & Laurane Gerber Did you know? Lynn Rippelmeyer became the first woman to pilot a Boeing 747 in 1980. 2 0 17 28

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