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Aviation for Girls is a special annual member publication of Women in Aviation International for Girls in Aviation Day. Articles feature young girls living their aviation dreams, career ideas, and education resources.

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PUZZLE ZONE J errie Cobb was born in Oklahoma in 1931. She learned to fly a biplane plane at the age of 12. She was a pilot for a one-elephant circus at the age of 16. One of her first jobs was as a typist and file clerk at Miami International Airport. In 1952, when she was in her early 20s, Jerrie ferried surplus military bombers and fighters to foreign governments and trained pilots. In 1959, Jerrie set four world records in maximum speed, distance, and altitude in an Aero Commander twin-engine aircraft. She was also the first woman to pass the NASA astronaut tests. This involved three years (1960–1962) of testing for Project Mercury , the United States Astronaut Program. She was also a consultant to NASA and a campaigner for women in space. In 1962, it was decided that candidates for space flight must have jet test-pilot experience and women were eliminated from space flight. At age 32, Jerrie changed her aviation focus and began flying the Amazon Jungle of South America. She bought an Aero Commander and provided a jungle airlift service to missionaries, tribes, doctors, teachers, environmentalists, farmers, and others. She flew approximately 4,000 miles along the Amazon River. She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and founded The Jerrie Cobb Foundation Inc. to help natives of the Amazon Jungle. JERRIE COBB CROSSWORD PUZZLE A B C D 1 2 3 4 5 6 Crossword Clues: ACROSS 1. At age 16, Jerrie was pilot for a one-elephant _______. 2. In 1952, she ferried surplus _______ to foreign governments. 3. Jerrie was born in ________ in 1931. 4. For her flying in the Amazon Jungle, Jerrie was nominated for the Nobel _______ Prize. 5. Jerrie was the first woman to pass the NASA _______ tests. 6. From 1960 to 1962, Jerrie was testing for Project _______. DOWN A. The Jerrie Cobb Foundation Inc. helps the native people of the Amazon _______. B. Jerrie learned to fly a biplane plane at the age of _______. C. At age 32 Jerrie began flying the _______ Jungle of South America. D. In 1962 women were eliminated from _______ flight. 27

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