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Aviation for Girls is a special annual member publication of Women in Aviation International for Girls in Aviation Day. Articles feature young girls living their aviation dreams, career ideas, and education resources.

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D on't let the fences that surround all airports deter you from learning more about airplanes. If you want to be an insider at your local airport, we have some new friends for you to meet: the Boy Scouts of America's Aviation Explorers. But girls, don't stop reading. Even though Aviation Explorers is a Boy Scouts group, Exploring is open to all—young men and women from sixth grade to high school. So how does it work? You'll join a local post—that's like a local chapter of a national club. Each post has its own schedule—some meet every other week; some meet once a month during the school year. Aviation Explorers do exactly what the program says— you explore. In this case, you explore aviation. Thou- sands of young people interact with pilots, air traffic controllers, engineers, and others and become famil- iar with the career opportunities available in aviation. A typical Aviation Explorer meeting might be a field trip to an aviation museum, a tour of your airport's air traffic control tower, a peek inside a lux- urious corporate jet, or even a talk by an airline pilot, corporate pilot, or agricultural pilot. Some meetings offer hands-on experiences—you may work with an airplane mechanic and turn a wrench in an airplane, or lend a hand to someone building his or her own airplane. Every meeting is different, and every meet- ing introduces you to a new aspect of aviation. But there are more benefits to becoming an Aviation Explorer. Since Explorers are tasked with organizing their own meetings and activities, you will gain valuable experience in leadership. Anoth- er benefit of becoming an Explorer is the opportu- nity to apply for college scholarships. Each year, Aviation Exploring awards thousands of dollars in academic scholarships to Explorers who are pur- suing an aviation career in college. An Aviation Explorer scholarship could put a big dent in your upcoming college costs—another great reason to become an Aviation Explorer. Interested in becoming an Aviation Explorer? Here's your next step. Go to www.AviationExploring.org and click on "Get Involved." There you will fill out a form to guide you to the Aviation Exploring post closest to you. Be sure to click on that you're interested in "aviation" in the pull-down menu. See you at the airport! by Patricia Luebke Aviation Exploring Is Your Ticket to the Airport 23

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