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Aviation for Girls is a special annual member publication of Women in Aviation International for Girls in Aviation Day. Articles feature young girls living their aviation dreams, career ideas, and education resources.

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BOOK ZONE Hidden Figures Young Readers' Edition by Margot Lee Shetterly This edition of Margot Lee Shetterly's acclaimed book is perfect for young readers. It is the powerful story of four African-American female mathematicians at NASA who helped achieve some of the greatest moments in our space program. Older readers Galaxy Girls 50 Amazing Stories of Women in Space by Libby Jackson Illustrated by students and graduates of the BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Media course at the London College of Communication, part of the University of the Arts London Written by one of Britain's famous space experts, Libby Jackson shares short stories and beautiful illustrations of 50 women in space. 75 "Don't miss the opportunities. Be on the lookout for them." 138 139 KATHERINE JOHNSON 44 LIAM JAMES SPROSTON MARGARET HAMILTON 46 EMILIA BOCIANOWSKA THE ILC SEAMSTRESSES 56 SIYAKORN KIMHASAWAD CHRISTA McAULIFFE JUDY RESNIK 68 LIAM JAMES SPROSTON HELEN SHARMAN 72 SIYAKORN KIMHASAWAD EILEEN COLLINS 74 SHANA PAGANO-LOHREY DEE O'HARA 42 JACK MERTON MAE JEMISON 70 HUONG ANH TRINH SALLY RIDE 62 JULIETTE STUART SVETLANA SAVITSKAYA 64 MIRANDA SMART NICHELLE NICHOLS 66 EHIGIE AIGIOMAWU POPPY NORTHCUTT 50 HUONG ANH TRINH RITA RAPP 52 CLARISSE HASSAN DOTTIE LEE 54 AMY McCARTHY THE WALTHAM "LITTLE OLD LADIES" 48 JOHANNA BLAHA SPACE STATIONS AND SHUTTLES GALLERY OF ILLUSTRATORS MARY JACKSON 40 ROSIE CHOMET JERRIE COBB 34 ELEANOR CREWES THE MERCURY 7 WIVES 36 YENI OGUNMILADE EILENE GALLOWAY 38 SARAH HALLAM MARY SHERMAN MORGAN 24 CÉLESTE MUETH JACQUELINE COCHRAN 26 LAUREN HACKETT VALENTINA TERESHKOVA 32 EHIGIE AIGIOMAWU ÉMILIE du CHÂTELET 18 ADI PASHALIDI KOZELJ ADA LOVELACE 20 AMY McCARTHY JEANNETTE PICCARD 22 ANA RÍOS WANG THE ORIGINS OF SPACE TRAVEL THE DAWN OF THE SPACE AGE Did you know? Col. Eileen Collins, a U.S. Air Force test pilot, was the first female Space Shuttle pilot, and in 1999 she became the first female Space Shuttle commander. > > Libby Jackson is a leading expert in human spaceflight. 21

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